Selekt Center for Volvo D'Hondt Zottegem


In 2012, Volvo D’Hondt, one of the oldest Volvo dealers in Belgium, called on Veldeman to build a Selekt Center in Zottegem. The company needed a covered second-hand car showroom, to keep the cars nice and clean and allow them to show the cars to interested parties under all weather conditions.


We installed a 750m² room, equipped with windows, solid walls and transparent roof fabric to allow natural light to enter uniformly. Today, more than 10 years later, the Selekt Center continues to meet expectations and Volvo D’Hondt also uses the hall for other purposes, such as events. Meanwhile, offices, a storage room, bar and toilet facilities have also been fitted.

Joany D’Hondt, manager: “After 10 years, we are still very happy with this solution. It has already survived a number of storms and we have never sustained any damage.”