The benefits of renting a temporary shop : fast, flexible and easy

If you want to refurbish or rebuild your shop, closing your shop is not an easy choice. Renting a temporary shop offers a whole host of possibilities. Have you ever thought about using a tent structure for this purpose?  These are all the advantages of a tent structure as a temporary shop.

Short building time

One of the greatest advantages of renting a temporary shop from Veldeman is the short time it takes to build. If all the preparations have been made, then the construction can be completed in just one week. You should allow another week for installing the display racks and stocking them and installing the cash registers. So your temporary shop can be up and running within two weeks.

On any surface

It doesn’t matter whether the ground is uneven, or the area is now a car park or a grass field. We can install your temporary shop on any surface. The major advantage is that there is no need for preparatory infrastructure work. Therefore, you don’t lose any time.

A single point of contact

If you come to us, you can be certain of a rapid response and completion. We are your one-stop-shop for  renting a complete temporary retail area. We provide everything from sliding doors and loading and unloading areas to air conditioning and security provisions.

Flexible rental facilities

It doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us; construction work can drag on. Precisely determining how long you will have to rent your temporary shop is not always that simple. At Veldeman, we really understand that kind of situation. Thanks to our flexible rental facilities, however, you don’t have to worry about the rental period at all. Your refurbishment or construction works take a little longer than originally planned? Then we simply extend the rental agreement!

Easy for your customers and staff

Thanks to the temporary shop space, you can continue to welcome customers and you avoid having to temporarily close or move premises.

And also for your staff, renting a temporary shop is the ideal solution. They remain at work just like normal, in the same comfortable working conditions.

commerciële ruimte
commerciële ruimte

Why not opt for a temporary shop?

Renting a temporary shop is a practical and easy solution. Contact us today for further information and tell us about your specific situation. Whatever the challenge is, we are keen to take it on.

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