Movable marquee BAM Contractors


BAM Contractors were commissioned by the Flemish Public Transport company De Lijn, the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic and the city of Antwerp with the task of carrying out the construction works for the Noorderlijn project. This project, also known by its technical name of Brabo II, is a tram project that will make the north of Antwerp accessible by tram, in a number of phased stages. In order to carry out construction of concrete structures under dry conditions and a set minimum temperature, BAM Contractors needed to make use of a movable marquee.


For this project, Veldeman built a customised, marquee measuring 20 metres by 20 metres. This marquee was gradually moved over a total distance of 100 metres as the work progressed. Thanks to the marquee it was possible to carry out the work efficiently, safely and in a dry environment, whatever the weather conditions.