Mining structures for warehousing Codelco


Codelco, the world’s largest copper producing company, needed 3 mining structures to serve as warehouses for construction material. They needed to withstand a wind speed up to 150 km/h and a snow load of 400 kg/m². The structures had to be installed on a remote location, 2.200 meters above sea level.


Veldeman designed a custom made reinforced aluminum fabric structure in compliance with Chilean construction standards. A great asset is its excellent snow shedding ability thanks to the unique curved roof. Moreover, the structure is extendable and relocatable.

3 mining structures were delivered: 2 structures of 30m by 75m and one structure of 30m by 100m. The lightweight design allowed for a quick installation with limited site preparations. Veldeman provided a total solution, including lighting, electrical systems, heating and doors.