Marquee for corporate event Dominique De Coster


Dominique De Coster NV all-round contractor from demolition work to recycling, has been in business for 40 years and the manager celebrated his sixtieth birthday at the same time. So it was time for two parties in one! A&D Events provided a brilliant and complete concept combined with a perfect organization. The anniversary “100 years of DCD” was celebrated in an authentic “STEAMY SALOON” style. And of course, the marquee for this event had to fit well into the theme as well.


Veldeman built an authentic Steamy Saloon on Dominique De Coster NV’s property, a stylish marquee measuring 30m by 40m. It was custom built with silver-black roof canvasses, a wood-clad façade and silver-black panels. Jute covering was used to ensure a high-quality finish on the marquee. The tall windows we used in this marquee gave the guests a beautiful view of the company premises and the machinery. Veldeman also provided terraces and additional spaces for the kitchen, cloakroom, backstage and toilet facilities. It was a memorable evening, offering the guests a detailed retrospective of the family business’s history, delicious food and top class entertainment!