Management buy-out at Veldeman

The management of Veldeman, the Bree-based manufacturer of tents and fabric structures, has successfully completed a management buy-out under the leadership of CEO Andy Moors and his management team. Investment company Creafund and founder Georges Veldeman are leaving the company as part of this MBO process, which was supervised by the consulting firm SDM-Valorum.

Johan Heirbrandt, director of Creafund CVA, says, “We have been a partner of Veldeman and its founder Mr. Georges Veldeman since 2004, and we have succeeded in making the company even more professional. Among other things, we recruited skilled managers who, together with the existing management, have developed the company into a renowned player in the sector of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent fabric structures.”

CEO Andy Moors says, “Our shareholders gave us the chance to grow and develop our business in recent years. Together with the management and our team of enthusiastic and competent employees, we have established a stable company that achieves consolidated revenue of € 25 million with EBITDA percentages above 10%. The company is now also virtually free of debt. The group has grown into an international player in the development, production, sale and rental of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent fabric structures, and is active in more than 45 countries around the globe. This MBO will put us in a position to deploy the existing management team to continue our defined strategy and ensure the continuity of the company for our customers, suppliers and employees.”

Andy Moors, CEO Veldeman Group

Founder Georges Veldeman says, “This company has been at the centre of my life for 47 years, and I’m delighted that its continuity and further growth are now guaranteed by a team that I have every confidence in. For me, it is logical that I leave my company in the hands of the experienced and well-oiled management team, and this step also makes sure that the firm maintains its local base. It was an amazing time watching the company grow from a local player to a top international company.”

In the coming years, the management and its team of loyal and enthusiastic employees will further develop Veldeman into the number one customer-driven specialist in tent structures, with an approach that focuses on the customer and provides a comprehensive service. The company is now, more than ever before, READY TO TAKE YOUR CHALLENGE!

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