Storage and workshop (expanded) Novatech


Novatech, the company from Olen that introduced products such as TEC7 to the Belgian market, had become short of space and needed to add some for use as storage and a workshop. They required a sturdy construction with a durable finish and one suitable for long-term industrial use. Novatech found Veldeman the ideal partner for the realization of this industrial hall.


Veldeman built a very sturdy hall, measuring 15 m in width and 40 m long, with 5.4 m side walls. Exactly six months later, this space was no longer sufficient. For this reason, the existing hall was extended by 10m and an additional hall of 15m by 25m was built. The pass door and one of the two sectional folding doors of 4m by 4m of the existing structure were moved from the end side to the long side. The new structure was also fitted with a pass door and a sectional folding door.

The roof and gables of both halls were fitted with inflatable fabrics and the side walls are sandwich panels, so these structures are fully insulated. We installed in both halls three light lines, a ventilation system and the pre-installation of air conditioning and heating systems. Yet another great all-inclusive project!