Indoor tennis facility Municipality of Perwez


The municipality of Perwez was looking for an indoor tennis hall to allow tennis to be played all year round, whatever the weather. The side walls needed to be able to be opened and closed quickly. The colour of the indoor tennis hall had to be in keeping with that of the nearby sports hall.


Veldeman designed an indoor tennis facility for 3 tennis courts in accordance with the Eurocode, a standard comparable to that for traditional permanent tennis halls. The translucent PVC roof fabric provides natural and uniform light entry, optimum playing comfort and a saving on energy bills. The side walls in both facades can be rolled up automatically in only 90 seconds. In summer the open side walls create an outdoor sports feel, while in winter the closed side walls offer protection against the cold, wind, snow and rain. The indoor tennis hall was fitted with grey facade tarpaulins for visual harmony with the nearby sports hall.

Demo of the automatic curtain which can be completely rolled up in only 90 seconds