Indoor training facility Philadelphia Eagles


For about 15 years the Philadelphia Eagles indoor practice facility was a white “air bubble”. The “bubble” was always cold and damp inside, with “stale air” and a musty smell according to players and coaches. The Eagles decided they needed an upgrade to their facility. The scope was to construct an indoor practice facility that would be large enough for the team to conduct practice indoors while providing a comfortable environment for the players and coaches. The new indoor practice facility had to be built to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country.


Now when the Eagles are forced to move practice indoors they work out in a state-of-the-art, steel framed, PVC coated membrane covered structure over turf. It was developed and installed by Universal Fabric Structures, Veldeman’s daughter company, with a complete HVAC system ensuring optimum practice conditions year round. The indoor practice facility is 60m wide and 90m long and has been used by the team since it was constructed in 2002. Since then, it has played a key part in the Eagles training and it has withstood the harsh weather conditions of southeastern Pennsylvania including wind, snow, rain and ice. On February 4 2018 the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. The Eagles and Veldeman are clearly a winning match!