Winterijs Oostende


A square right in the centre of the city that is only a few centimetres bigger than the tent accommodation?
A kiosk of no less than 12.5 m in height, right in the centre?
After a few years with a ‘classic’ setup, Toerisme Oostende vzw decided to change track by organising the largest covered ice rink in Belgium. What was Veldeman’s role in this unique project?


Our solution? Put a massive glass bauble over (!) the kiosk!
Not a true glass Christmas bauble of course, but our unique transparent TFS structure cloaked the Wapenplein in a magical winter decor. Toerisme Oostende vzw grasped the moment with “Winterijs”, the largest temporary ice rink in Belgium with 1,120 m² of skating pleasure for the young and old alike. The 2,600m² tent structure not only covered the ice rink, but also 6 food and drink stands that were transformed into ice caves for the occasion. The placement of the 15 m tall structure over the kiosk was a true masterpiece, a piece of cake for the experienced Veldeman tent builders. For the fantastic decoration, we called on Neverland Decors, the set builder for among others Tomorrowland. With ice floes, ice chandeliers, ice caves, light and projections an enchanting winter atmosphere was created.