Indoor football hall KRC Genk


Comfortable training in all weather conditions that was KRC Genk’s challenge. KRC Genk is a Belgian First Division football club. The club was looking for a solution and found in Veldeman the ideal partner.


Veldeman built a unique indoor training facility, a steel structure of 40 m x 70 m, with a side height of no less than 8.4 m. The football facility is equipped with white translucent roof fabrics which provide a natural, uniform light incidence and an increased playing comfort. For the side and gable fabrics the blue colour of the club was chosen, the logo was applied to both gables. The sidewalls can be removed in the summer so that it feels as if one is playing in the open air. Boarding was provided for additional games. After several years of intensive use by all the players, from youth to first team, the club is very enthusiastic about the added value of the football hall. Rain, snow and frost are put offside and even in hot weather the players can train in perfect comfort. The medical staff also clearly sees the advantages: thanks to the football hall there are fewer injuries, as there is no more need to train on muddy or frozen fields.