Live Nation & Pukkelpop


The organisers of Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop were looking for new and innovative festival tents offering more features than the traditional pole tents. They found the ideal partner in Veldeman.


At the request of Live Nation and Pukkelpop, Veldeman developed the imposing TFS structure which is 50 m wide and is characterised by its enormous size and unique bow shape. Thanks to the high inside the structure offers better acoustics. In addition, the TFS allows a more efficient use of space due to the lack of tension cables and a descending outside fabric, and by the free span inside. In addition, lighting and decoration can be attached directly to the purlins, without additional loss of space. The structure complies with the strictest European standards and combines the advantages of a lightweight structure with the strength, safety and finish of a permanent building.

Rock Werchter had the scoop when two of these brand new, unique festival tents were built. With a surface area comparable to a football field, the largest tent, The Barn (TFS 50 m x 110 m) had space for 14,000 festival-goers, while in Klub C (TFS 50 m x 90 m) 10,000 music lovers could be accommodated. It was possible to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in the tents by means of lateral standing terraces and special decorations.

The organisers of Rock Werchter are excited: “The festival tents look great, the acoustics are excellent and there is hardly any light incidence, meaning the festival-goers can truly enjoy the performances “.

“We really like working with Veldeman because it is a company that is keen to come up with solutions.”

Walter D’Haese – Rock Werchter