Each year over the Easter weekend the electronic music festival DGTL sets the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam ablaze for three days. The festival is all about creativity and discovery.  This not only applies to the line-up of artists and DJs, but to the festival tents too.  For 2018, event organiser Apenkooi was on the specific look-out for a unique, transparent festival tent measuring 40m wide, and that was high inside to boot.   The tent, and two others, had to be assembled within a week.


Apenkooi found the right partner in Veldeman for the DGTL festival tents. Besides a transparent TFS measuring 40m x 50m, Veldeman also assembled a raised, transparent curved structure measuring 20m x 40m, and a silver/black TFS measuring 40m x 60m. Work on the assembly of the festival tents carried on over the weekend in order to meet the tight schedule. Because the festival tents had to be erected against containers, the assembly methods required a little tweaking. The anchorage comprised special concrete blocks with graffiti that comprise part of the heritage site. For the TFS emergency exits special, Velcro side fabric structures were designed that could only be opened by manpower – so not by wind or anything else. The festival tents matched the festival’s industrial setting and ambience perfectly. DGTL kick-started Veldeman’s festival season in the best way possible!