New festival structure TFS Big Mouth for Mojo


For the festivals Down The Rabbit Hole and Lowlands, the Dutch concert and festival organiser MOJO searched for a new, flexible festival structure that could be opened and closed with ease. During the day, this structure had to allow the audience outdoors to also enjoy the performances. The capacity of the closed festival tents that were previously used was considered insufficient. On the other hand, for the evening programme it had to be possible to close the festival structure in order to create a more intimate setting and to reduce noise transmission to the surrounding area. Sounds like a challenge for Veldeman!


We developed the TFS Big Mouth with a width of 50 m. The gable of this new festival structure can be opened and closed automatically across its entire width, which takes just 10 minutes. A first in the festival world! Acoustic fabrics, which are attached to the gable during assembly, also help to reduce noise transmission to the surrounding area. Two special emergency exits are also created in the gable.

The TFS Big Mouth was successfully launched last summer at both festivals, creating the perfect atmosphere at all times of the day. Sebastiaan Saarloos, Production Manager at Mojo: “Thanks to a positive cooperation, we found a suitable solution that meets our expectations perfectly. With the TFS Big Mouth, we have a semi-open/closed stage that allows us to easily switch between day and night.” This special TFS will once again accommodate the festivalgoers at forthcoming festivals.

Rolf Van Moer, Technical Department Manager at Veldeman: “When developing this new festival structure, we called on our experience in the military sector, where we previously applied this technology to our military aircraft hangers. At that time we developed the ‘Big Mouth’ principle as an alternative to the classic door systems, with a view to efficient logistics and fast assembly time.”