Expo pavilion Cartoonfestival


During the summer months the 58th edition of the Cartoon Festival took place on Knokke-Heist beach.  And this edition was one to really lick your lips in anticipation for, as the free expo’s theme in this renowned gastronomic municipality was NJAM NJAM. Bearing the theme in mind, 22 top Belgian cartoonists got cracking by immortalising their creative skills in hilarious cartoons, taking visitors along on a culinary cartoon ride.  The Cartoon Festival took place in the Cartoon pavilion on Helden Square in Heist, with Veldeman as one of the festival’s partners.


As per Knokke-Heist municipality’s brief, Veldeman built a raised alu hall as an expo pavilion for the Cartoon Festival.  The structure’s front façade was fully personalised in print, reflecting the central theme. The Cartoon pavilion was made up of various themed spaces, including a kitchen, restaurant, local market, supermarket … Exciting free workshops were also on the programme besides the expo itself, all organised along a culinary theme.  In a nutshell: a great experience for the whole family. Visitor numbers reflected the success of this edition: the Cartoon Festival had a footfall that exceeded 100,000.  Making this a record-breaking edition. Veldeman will continue to build a pavilion for the Cartoon Festival in the coming years.