Event hall The Legend


The Lebanese events agency, known as the Legend, organised a number of open-air events in the summer at an amazing venue in Beirut. However, they were very dependent on the weather. In order to ensure that the events could take place in less then perfect weather, they decided to buy an events hall. An important requirement was to ensure they were in keeping with the surroundings.


The Legend bought a TFS that measures 30 by 45 metres and was to be used from March to October. The unique thing about this event hall is that there is a transparent section in the roof fabric and that there are windows along one side of the length (45 metres) and in one of the end sections (30 metres). This allows the guests to enjoy the beautiful view during events. The windows can also be opened electrically on the long side. Therefore this event hall is  not only the ideal solution in bad weather but also when the weather is very hot.