Customised tent? Personalise with our optional extras!

A customised tent? Personalise it as you wish. From the dimensions and shape, to the finish with the right accessories. Want to bet that you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at Veldeman? We would like to introduce you to a selection from our range of accessories.


As well as glass windows, which for decades have been an appreciated quality in our tents, we now also offer polycarbonate windows. These windows are lighter and thinner than glass windows, which is definitely an advantage as far as transport is concerned. Furthermore, they have a slightly more streamlined and modern appearance.  And perhaps because of this they will harmonise perfectly with the customised tent that you have in mind.

You can choose from either horizontal or vertical windows. Vertical windows tend to be the most popular, because of their ease of use, speed of installation and the price. We only install horizontal windows in Alu Halls and multi-storey tents. They are especially popular for more exclusive events. Consider, for example, a golfing event, where from the customised tent you look out through horizontal windows onto the golf course. This will ensure that, whilst indoors, you will miss nothing that is happening outdoors.


Panels can be used as side walls for virtually all situations. Because of their different dimensions, our panels are also perfect for use in elevated halls. As well as flat panels and wave-shaped panels, we continue to innovate and we will expand our range in the future. To be continued!


In terms of doors too, you can mark the difference with a customised tent. Our removable door is a classic and remains a constant factor in our product range for virtually every situation.  However, in addition we recently launched a new door in a fixed frame, which is more luxurious in design. This new door is therefore the more elegant choice for VIP tents or for certain celebratory events.

Another advantage of all our accessories: our adapted containers enable you to transport or stock our accessories properly and safely. The containers are stackable, meaning you can very easily stock them, plus they sit securely when being transported by truck.

Customised tent: it’s possible!

With the right accessories, your tent will be exactly what you expect it to be. With our extensive range, we will happily assist you and together we can create your customised tent. Would you like to receive more information about the various options? Please contact us today!

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