Covering for tennis courts TC Niederursel


TC Niederursel from Frankfurt, Germany, was using an inflatable sports hall to cover two tennis courts during the winter. Due to the high annual operating and maintenance costs, the tennis club began to look into an alternative. Furthermore, the club wanted to expand its capacity during the winter months. Thanks to our good references, and the return on investment offered by our proposed solution, TC Niederursel opted for Veldeman.


Veldeman built a 37m by 50m Trium tennis hall covering 3 tennis courts. The hall is constructed with a dual layer of fabric, which ensures improved insulation. And this keeps the energy consumption of the building covering three courts significantly lower than that used in the inflatable structure, with only two courts. All the side walls on the new structure can be opened, allowing use of the hall all year round. This ensures the profitability of the investment. We also provided lighting and heating in our all-in solution.