Covering party area Punch Powertrain


Punch, that is something the organising ladies of Punch Powertrain certainly have, and their company party had to radiate “punch” as well. Important to keep in mind when covering the party area. House a real performance, create a cosy party area and a covered terrace in case of bad weather, were their orders to Veldeman.


Veldeman built an imposing TFS structure in the party field next to the Punch Powertrain offices. By using the TFS the requirements for the party area were already met in one go: a lot of useful height above the stage and a darkened interior. Add the special lighting, and you have a cosy party area. A covered terrace was added, separated by a transparent partition which ensured an even lighter, more open and more attractive concept. And the finishing touch to the punch? That was given by the weather!