Gentse Winterfeesten


The Gentse Winterfeesten are an example of a Veldeman logistics masterpiece. The City of Ghent established a tender including a request for a concept that would immerse the Ghent inner city in a magical winter atmosphere. It was decided to hold the Gentse Winterfeesten on no fewer than 3 squares: the Korenmarkt, Emile Braunplein and Sint-Baafsplein.


No fewer than 18 experienced Veldeman tent builders got the job done in only 3 days – an excellent performance considering the scale of the project! 6 lorries, 1,125 m² of cassette floors, 1,275 m² of tents (with cassette floor and counterweights) and 550 m² of scaffolding for level differences that run up to one meter.
From the long-standing collaboration with Veldeman, it is clear that the organisation has every confidence in the future.


“Building an ice rink is a great logistical challenge, something that Veldeman grasps perfectly. Veldeman knows what the weak points are that deserve extra attention in order to bring a project to a successful conclusion. It is a large player on the market and a strong partner that is able to carry out a large number of projects within the set time frame.”

Quinten Goekint – EMO bvba