Tent for party Hendrickx Feesten


Each party is different and every party has to emphasise the identity and the right atmosphere which the end client has in mind. Hendrickx Feesten fully understands this, and every time they give their inspiration free rein to achieve the desired result. Therefore more and more demands are made for the tent of the party: height, style, technique, creativity, logistics … Thanks to many years of collaboration between Hendrickx Feesten and Veldeman, only a few words suffice to come to the correct interpretation.


Veldeman writes its story with each new challenge in function of the expectations:
– transparency / translucence / darkening
– shape and height
– degree of finish and style
– outdoor experience with patios
– creativity in the composition of the tent-complex
– logistic needs for kitchen, heating, toilets, etc.

The perfect tent for a party? Be convinced by the pictures attached.