Zoute Grand Prix


The daring, but deliberate Zoute Events started in 2010 with a high-profile classic car meet: the Zoute Grand Prix. Since then this event has grown impressively: a high-end car, art and lifestyle festival spread over 3 different locations in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Every year must be better than the previous edition, also the cover for the event. Here lies, each time again, the challenge of the organisers to Veldeman! Better with innovative materials and forms, better regarding personalised look and feel, better logistical timing and so on. Everything has to be perfect down to the smallest detail! A tough challenge for our experienced Team Veldeman, which we take on with great enthusiasm and perseverance.

We build the largest tent structures at two different locations on the beach in Knokke-Heist, where the correct anchoring is also very important. The third location is the organisation’s own event site close to Sluis.


On the beach near Wielingen, we built an impressive The Boxx® of 30m by 105m connected to an elevated aluminum hall of 25m by 100m as a gallery for exclusive car brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, … in which the most special cars were exhibited. We built and converted a multi-level platform into a kitchen in the gallery so that the catering team could guarantee smooth service to the VIP guests. We also provided a covered start and finish of the Zoute Rally with a custom-made roof structure and terraces from which the rally could be followed. Several aluminum halls served as a backstage area, toilets, etc.

On the beach near The Albertplein we built a gigantic TFS structure of 60m wide and 80m long. In combination with an additional aluminium hall of 20m by 80m these fully equipped tent structures formed a magnificent auction hall for the well-known Bonhams auction house. In this auction hall, visitors could view beautiful vintage cars that were being auctioned by Bonhams during the event. The TFS structure also received a personalised facade with the same look & feel as the renovated Albertplein.

For the exclusive gala dinner on the Zoute Grand Prix event site near Sluis we built a TFS structure measuring 30m by 55m. Thanks to the black roof fabrics on the inside of the TFS structure, the VIP guests were able to enjoy a spectacular video show. A customised lock structure was built to create a connection from the main building to the VIP tent. Several aluminium halls served as a catering tent and cloakroom.

Veldeman managed this great project’s meticulous planning and excellent coordination on site, which the organisation was very pleased with!