6 tips for a corporate event in a green setting

A corporate event in beautiful natural surroundings is always successful. At least it is if you are prepared for the whims of the weather. A tent is an ideal solution. Below are 6 tips for a successful corporate event in a green setting.

  1. Choose the right tent

Along with the surroundings, the type of tent will define the atmosphere. Veldeman’s favourites? An Arcada or Phoenix arched hall, a spider-shaped Mexico tent, or perhaps even the octagonal Nevada. Each one of them are tents that create a wonderful ambiance for a unique experience.

  1. Bring the outdoors inside

What is the point of green surroundings if you can’t see them? Choose translucent side walls which you can open up when the weather is fine, but close when temperatures drop. Or expand the tent with a terrace, which can be covered if you wish.

  1. Personalise

You may be surrounded by beautiful scenery, but you can also ‘dress up’ the tent for your corporate event with optional extras. For example, upholstery, bankirai terrace floors, flowers and plants…

  1. The required facilities can be provided

Toilets in the tent, catering facilities … If you don’t have access to a main building, these facilities cannot be forgotten. Veldeman will provide all the required facilities on your behalf. If a main building is available, covered structures or walkways can be installed between the building and the tent.

  1. Use the surrounding area

What are the assets of the area and how can they make your event even more special? Is there a stream or pond on the site? Instead of guests having to make a detour around them, a small bridge could be erected across them. A nice extra touch! Veldeman would be delighted to discuss the various options during a visit to the location.

  1. Provision of cooling or heating

Is a tent too warm in the summer? Not at all. Veldeman offers you various options to successfully cool down the tent in tropical temperatures. Also, when temperatures are cool, we can provide appropriate tent heating.

Ready for the summer and do you fancy a magnificent corporate event in a green setting? With Veldeman’s tents, your next event will be a huge success. Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Veldeman.

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