Construction of contractor village during shutdown


Nippon Shokubai Europe nv (NSE) is a leading Japanese chemical company and market leader in the production of superabsorbent polymers, used in (among others) diapers and incontinence materials.

After a previous successful collaboration in 2021, NSE contacted us again in early 2023 for the construction of a contractor village for their annual shutdown. During this shutdown, approximately 150 additional workers would be present on the site for a month to carry out important maintenance work. To accommodate these workers, NSE needed temporary housing. An important assignment during the construction of this contractor village was to respect the applicable safety regulations in the chemical sector.


Veldeman built a temporary space with an area of 600m² that was divided into a refectory and changing room.  This space was equipped with heating, lighting, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, etc… The furniture, including chairs, tables, and lockers, was also supplied by Veldeman. We also provided a smoking area, an area for urinals and 4 sanitary units with showers and toilets.

Since Veldeman is SCC** certified and we have extensive experience in the (petro)chemical sector, the project was built and delivered in accordance with strict safety requirements, in just 6 days. The project is also a great start to a renewed collaboration for the coming years.