Congress tent Europe Together


Trimex is a technical production company for B2B events that was given the task by S&D Group to install a tent in the gardens of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels for the Europe Together congress . There were a number of important requirements including the height of the tent and rigging facilities. In addition, it had be dark enough in the congress tent to allow presentations to take place during the day. An additional challenge was how much the terrain varied in height, this being by up to 2 metres.


Trimex chose Veldeman because of their quality, the massive range of options, the cleanness of the fabric structures and because they knew assembly and disassembly would be done exactly on time. The congress tent which was chosen, was a TFS measuring 30 metres by 50 metres, which met all criteria. With its unique shape and steep roof slope of 25°, the TFS has a great interior space so that installing a podium and large screen was no problem. The height of the ridge of the congress tent was 11.5 metres. The weight-bearing capacity of the TFS is relatively high and this means there are plenty of options for mounting lighting and technical equipment in the roof areas. Thanks to the black inner lining of the tent, the interior was completely dark and this allowed the presentations to go ahead during the day without any problems.


“We always work well together. Adjustments can always be made when needed and that is very important for me. Unexpected things often happen and you come up against problems, but the crew chief at Veldeman’s always sorts them out”

Ludo Vanstreels – Trimex