Complete demountable infrastructure solutions? Veldeman is your specialist!

Do you need demountable infrastructure? If so, Veldeman is the ideal partner for you. No matter whether you need a tent, modular units or wall building complete with furnishing decoration, finishing and additional services, Veldeman can offer a complete custom solution to suit your needs.

A wide range of options

Over the past few years, we at Veldeman have significantly broadened our offering. Tents are still an important part of our portfolio, but nowadays we do so much more. Modular units serving as a reception areas, staff quarters or even living spaces, custom-built counters, canopies, and dividing walls made of plastic, glass or textile, etc., are just a few examples of the demountable, modular infrastructure that we offer.

A single point of contact for your entire project

Veldeman will handle completely equipping, furnishing and finishing your solution. For example, we can deliver your Veldeman infrastructure fully equipped with power, lighting, climate control, ventilation, etc. Do you need additional materials to get your solution up and running? We provide every possible extra such as furniture, fencing, sanitary ware, decoration, branding, etc. And you can also rely on us for a wide range of services such as engineering, camera surveillance, maintenance,… to name but a few. We can really relieve you of all your worries.

Extensive in-house expertise

An increasing number of companies that do not even have a specific need for tents are discovering Veldeman. They come to call on our extensive expertise with temporary infrastructure, logistics know-how and powerful project management capabilities. Our work on vaccination centres, in which we handled completely setting up and equipping existing buildings, is a very good example. Thanks to our in-house technical department, production and finishing department, we can deliver perfect, customized solutions.

Do you need a modular demountable infrastructure?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to handle your need for modular, demountable infrastructure? We will be happy to think things through with you to find a solution tailored precisely to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Questions for a Veldeman advisor

Our professionals think along with you and are happy to shape your plans.