Canopy for plant center Aveve


Aveve Borgloon, the reference in garden and pet supplies, faced structural space constraints. As a result, the plants had to be kept outdoors and were exposed to harmful weather conditions such as cold temperatures, heavy rain, hail and intense sunlight. To better protect their plants from the weather, Aveve Borgloon sought a covering solution. They found the ideal solution at Veldeman.


Aveve Borgloon opted for our Arcada hall, which immediately appealed to them because of its beautiful arched shape. With a width of 10 meters, this arched hall fit perfectly within the limited available space, between a gate and a building. To ensure sufficient natural light, the roof was constructed with a combination of transparent and translucent sheets. Thanks to this covering, the plants are now optimally protected, require less maintenance and produce less waste. Moreover, the arched hall can be quickly dismantled if they no longer need it in the future. Aveve Borgloon is highly satisfied with the outcome and customers are also responding very positively!