Buying a professional tent? Veldeman’s words of wisdom

As an entrepreneur, your product range is all-important. Buying a professional tent can therefore be challenging.  It requires some thought behind it. We would like to think along with you, to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. It’s precisely for that reason that the quotes we provide aren’t churned out one after the other, but are customised to your specific needs.

Simply sending out a quote for tent x with dimensions y …. That’s not how we work.  We aim to be more than a mere seller.  You see, that way of working rarely provides the best results to match the customer’s brief. Indeed, we’ve noticed that probing a little further often leads us to a far more suitable tent than the one our customers first had in mind.

So, how do we work then?

What you want isn’t necessarily what you require.

We will get in touch with you straight after your price request, or product range query. To discuss your needs further, rather than immediately talking money.  This gives us insight into your exact requirements.  And what you actually need.  You see, experience shows us that those two things don’t always necessarily go hand in hand…

We like to ascertain the scope of your existing product range, as well as your target group. Are you a tent rental company operating within the private sector? Do you focus on trade fairs? Or, do you only work with event planners? Or, do you just want to buy a professional tent to appeal to a new target group?

Focusing on the Future

It’s easy to say: I handle private parties, and want to buy a professional tent measuring ten x twenty meters. Yet, it’s harder to estimate the role that tent will fulfil within your product range in five years’ time.  Which is where we come in.  Ensuring that tent will slot into any potential growth. As well as your ambitions for the future.

Having drawn up a list of all the pros & cons of a particular choice, it frequently happens that our customer opts for a different type of tent than originally intended.  As the ultimate tent better complements the rest of their product range. Or, because the original dimensions didn’t reflect future objectives after all.  Or, quite simply, because it matched the original brief more closely.

Buying a professional tent: conclusion?

We hope we have given you a better understanding of why we don’t instantly return a standard price list. We aim to fulfil an advisory role, both prior to and during your purchase.  And, of course, we’ll stay in touch once the purchase has been made.  We are on hand to answer any queries you might have regarding obligatory fire certificates, etc.  Or about storage, transportation and assembly …. So, tell us: what’s the challenge you have in mind?

Picture: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

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