Tennis hall TC Orscamp


The challenge was to build a tennis facility for one of the biggest tennis clubs of West Flanders in Belgium, TC Orscamp. The club did not have any indoor tennis courts, so they decided to build a tennis hall for six tennis courts on an existing football field. To allow the club members to play tennis in summer and winter on the same surface, the new tennis courts also had to have a gravel tennis court.


Veldeman built an aluminium tennis hall (type TRIUM) for tennis club Orscamp, with dimensions of 38m x 95m. This hall became the largest Veldeman tennis hall in Belgium. The tennis hall was provided with a 2m wide walkway across the full length of the hall. Furthermore, all sidewalls were accommodated with automatic rolling systems, allowing the tennis hall to be fully opened. Automated heating, LED lighting and a double fabric in the roof and side walls, guarantee a tennis hall fully in compliance with EPB regulation.

“What we are particularly pleased about is the flexibility such a space offers, for example, what really appealed to us is that in the summer we can open up the sides which creates the feeling of playing indoors, yet a bit outdoors too.”

Chris Marain – TC Orscamp