Aluminium hall: popular and multifunctional classic

From festival tent to trade fair tent. From industrial storage area to temporary shop. Our aluminium hall is an incredible all-rounder. As an absolute classic in our range, the aluminium hall continues to do well. And rightly so! A snapshot of its greatest assets.

Functionality at its peak

With our aluminium hall you can go in any direction. Both literally and figuratively, because the heights of the sides, the length and the width can all vary. This means it is easy to store, for example, stacks of pallets in an aluminium hall. But the structure is equally a perfect location for your next company party. Because of its high degree of stability, it can cope with the most challenging of locations and the aluminium hall can also be used for prolonged periods of time.

Personalise to your heart’s content

The basic structure forms 80% of your all hall, therefore with the remaining 20% you can transform every tent into an entirely personalised version. You simply personalise this tent to meet your own personal preferences. Hang doors in the tent when it is to be used as a storage tent, have the panels printed for your festival and finish with a whole host of accessories. Windows, a terrace, transparent panels or roof. You can easily give your tent its own look & feel.

Different shapes

As well as variable side heights and an adjustable length and width, this classic tent has a number of siblings! For example, the Arcada, an all hall with an arched roof. Or our Mexico, with its extended roof beams, ideal for events.

Long live the aluminium hall!

This tent has been in our product range for years and continues to be the favourite of many. We are confident that it will continue to be popular for a long time. That is why we continue to invest in this classic tent and continually renew and improve our tents. So that we can offer you only the very best.

Regardless of what you need a temporary structure for, we can help you out. Please contact us for more information about this classic!

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