Additional production space for SC-Steelframes


SC-Steelframes is a fast-growing company active in the production of modular homes. Due to a large order, production capacity needed to be increased. The company was looking for a fast and flexible solution to create additional production space and found the ideal partner in Veldeman.


Veldeman quickly built 2 halls with a total surface area of about 2,500 m². The first hall, which measures 40m by 35m, is used for the assembly of the modules. The interior design is carried out in the second hall of 15m by 70m.

In order to have sufficient height for the activities, raised halls were opted for, with a side wall height of 3.8 m and 5.4 m respectively. Both halls were equipped with a combination of PVC sidewalls, side wall panels and a translucent roof tarpaulin to allow in natural light. A sliding PVC curtain measuring 10m wide and 5m high was installed in the first hall for smooth passage of the modules. The halls were equipped with doors, emergency exits and gates and were attached to an existing building.

SC-Steelframes is extremely satisfied with this solution, which has allowed them to significantly increase their production in a short time.