Accommodation during shutdown BASF


Vital maintenance tasks are undertaken during a shutdown & turnaround within the petrochemical sector. Such a shutdown requires thorough preparation, planning and coordination. Indeed, countless tasks have to be carried out within a short timeframe with a lot of additional manpower onsite, such as maintenance engineers, fitters, installers … Extra accommodation is therefore a must.

This was also the situation at BASF, one of the largest petrochemical companies based at Antwerp Port. The company required extra accommodation for around 800 people. The brief was to provide temporary accommodation that was both comfortable and complied with prevailing safety provisions in the petrochemical sector.  The accommodation had to serve as a lunch canteen as well as space for briefings and debriefings over a 6 month period during the shutdown.


Veldeman constructed temporary accommodation plus all correlating provisions for BASF in five days. We built an insulated 1,200 m² structure. This was equipped with heating, lighting, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, emergency exits … chairs, tables and TV screens were also supplied by Veldeman.  In addition we ensured BASF’s in-house caterer could link up their mobile kitchen to the tent structure.  BASF was able to utilise this accommodation for the entire shutdown duration, even when the turnaround time ran over.