Do you need additional space in order to guarantee a safe environment for your clients and staff?  To safeguard social distancing? Are you looking for fully equipped units that comply fully with the latest measures? Veldeman takes care of everything for you: temporary accommodation equipped with (emergency) exits, partition walls, disinfectant sprays, counters, electricity, lighting …

Fast, flexible and professional

Veldeman_tijdelijke-accommodatie-700x394 Tijdelijke-accommodatie-700x394

With our temporary accommodations you can welcome your clients into a safe environment.  Renting temporary accommodation for your staff is the perfect way of providing them with comfortable and safe working conditions too. One key advantage of Veldeman’s structures is the quick turnaround time. So, within a matter of days you’ll be fully up & running in accordance with prevailing safety regulations. It’s no easy task to negotiate a specific rental period for temporary accommodation. Veldeman understands that better than anyone. But thanks to our flexible rental options, however, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. What about if the new measures stay in place for longer than anticipated? Then we’ll simply extend the rental agreement. At Veldeman you can be assured of a rapid response and turnaround.  We are your single point of contact when it comes to renting a fully equipped temporary space to guarantee a safe environment for your clients and staff: from tents, units and partition walls to disinfectant sprays and safety provisions.

Reception and networking units

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Our reception and networking units can be equipped with a reception counter, partition walls and disinfectant spraysThere are a range of dimensions and layouts to choose fromContact us for more info about the various options.

Controlled access


Do you want to be able to monitor foot flow? We can assemble controlled accessways for your premises or shop. The tents come in a range of dimensions and layouts.

Temporary shop tent


Not only can we assemble your temporary shop tent, but we can furnish it too, e.g.: aisle LED lighting, robust flooring, fire extinguishers, emergency pictograms and a heat pump for heating and air conditioning …. Our insulated structures ensure optimum shopping and working conditions.

We are here to help!


Team Veldeman is at the ready, with a comprehensive grasp of the prevailing stringent safety measures. We have installed PVC fabrics in our vans to separate our drivers from the passengers behind them. Would you like more information? Please get in touch!

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