Covering your venue begins with choosing which tent or marquee you want to rent. The choice involves consideration of both practical and aesthetic aspects. We will guide you towards the most suitable rental option to meet your challenge!


Each project begins with choosing what tent or marquee you want to rent. Or to put it more correctly, it should begin there. But of course, we understand that if you are planning a festival, for example, you begin with the artists and the technology.

And we know that you also need to concentrate on the budget for catering and furnishings when planning your staff party or other events. It is always a question of finding the right balance.

But wherever the tent or marquee is on your priority list, we will assure you first class service. We always put your challenge in first place.

We will look over your list of requirements with you. We will fine-tune your wishes to the purely practical aspects. Tell us about your plans and we will work with you to find the best tent or marquee for your project.

An incredible range

We are confident that we can offer you the right tent or marquee. Our range is not only top quality but also very extensive. From versatile easily-employable aluminium frame halls for your corporate party, through storey tents that can serve as a VIP lounge, to our TFS (Tension Fabric Structure) models that allow us to erect temporary and (semi-)permanent structures for festivals, storage, trade fairs, etc.

Tent and marquee rental – we can offer you the best solution

Once we agree on which is the best tent or marquee to rent, we will then offer you a detailed proposal. Following that, we will have a meeting to discuss and agree the details.

And that will result in you renting a tent or marquee perfectly tuned to your wishes. And you will have the certainty that we have arranged everything, down to the last detail!

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