Are you looking for a tent supplier for your next event, but unsure who to call upon? The following 8 points are fundamentals to expect from a reliable tent supplier such as …well, Veldeman naturally.


1.    A single point of contact

You want to work with someone who grasps your set-up completely, and as such quickly understands your requirements. We offer a single point of contact, one who devotes themselves fully to your concerns and covers every single detail.

2.    Someone who gathers all the necessary info from the outset.

When you approach a tent supplier you can expect a multitude of questions. ‘What is the venue? Is the terrain navigable? How long will you require our erected structure? How many guests? Will you also need toilets, catering areas or other facilities?’

Why all these questions? We try to gather as much relevant information as possible from the start, to offer the most appropriate solution, whilst taking all potential challenges into account.

3.    Withholding your quotation

This dovetails with the point above. We don’t put a price on a job straightaway, rather, we prefer to acquire as much relevant information as we can first. This provides us with a better insight into the ultimate cost, and no unexpected bills upon project completion.

4.    All-in solution

We can supply more than just a tent or fabric structure for your event. For example, do you also require an entry vestibule, cloakroom, smoking zone or additional patio area? We can offer you an all-in solution, so there’s no need to make arrangements with other suppliers.


5.    Flexible partnership

Do you work with fixed suppliers? A reliable tent supplier will take that as a given. Simply put us in contact with your other suppliers for us to consult on practical matters and dovetail our schedules accordingly. Your contact person at Veldeman will formulate a schedule that incorporates all suppliers. For assembly and dismantling. We do our utmost to achieve streamlined operations!

6.    A focus on safety

At Veldeman, safety gets top billing. We focus on it from the very start. We will run through the requisite safety regulations in our initial proposal. We will ascertain how many emergency exits are required, and will provide fire extinguishers, emergency buttons, emergency signs …

We work safely at all times, be it during assembly or dismantling. We only use certified materials and fabric structures and safeguard our team to the very max. Moreover, all our fabric structures are tested and approved for fire safety.

7.    Proactive thinking

A good tent supplier will think along proactively with you and dares to suggest new ideas. Will your event be held at a stunning location? If so, transparent fabric structures might be the way forward. We take the season into account, and whether air conditioning or heating might be of added value. We strive to exceed your objectives!

8.    Boasts the necessary experience

With fifty years’ experience under our belt, we can safely say we’re an accomplished tent supplier. We know what we’re talking about, grasp the challenges within our sector like no other, and have garnered experience across a range of sectors: from events to sport, retail and industry.

We are your tent supplier

Are you looking for a trustworthy tent supplier who will smooth the way for you and overcome any challenge? Look no further, we are ready and willing to help.

Let us know how we can be of assistance, and we will provide you with a bespoke proposal!