Planning to refurbish your premises? Or are you struggling with a lack of storage space? You can stop searching for the ideal solution, because we have already found it: a temporary storage tent. These ten advantages should convince you.  

  1. Length, width and height to your specifications

Our temporary storage tents can be adapted to your requirements and the space that you need. Width-wise, we can go up to 50 metres and the height of the tent can be up to 5.5 metres. The length of the tent is entirely up to you; there is no limit.

  1. Free-standing

Our tents are built in such a way that they do not need any additional support. Irrespective of their width and length, the construction is always unobstructed by columns so that you can make optimum use of the space available.

  1. Large interior volume thanks to saddle roof construction

Thanks to our saddle roof construction our temporary storage tents are a few metres higher in the middle than at the sides. This means you can create extra interior space quickly and easily.

  1. Optimum access

All possible types of doors can be built into Veldeman structures. Sliding, electric and even quick-opening doors with a range of widths and heights.

  1. Let the light in

Our storage areas are not dark and chilly, quite the opposite in fact. Thanks to the tent fabric being translucent, you can not only enjoy the light from outside but also make savings on energy bills.

  1. The correct kind of anchoring

We have everything in-house for your temporary storage tent to ensure it is properly anchored. This means we are able to construct the tent on all surfaces without any infrastructure work being carried out.

  1. On your own property

We can easily install your temporary storage tent at your current location. This in turn offers a lot of logistical advantages.

  1. Rapid installation

Under ideal conditions, we can install one thousand square metres a day. Do you have an urgent requirement for extra space? Then we can offer you the ideal solution.

  1. Flexible rental agreements

Our temporary storage tents can cope with all weather conditions. They have provided many years of faithful service to our customers. We are very flexible with regards to rental periods and we will be pleased to help you decide on how long you would need the extra space for.

  1. Linked to an existing building

Extra storage space does not have to be a detached structure, our storage tents can be seamlessly connected to your existing building(s).

Have we convinced you of the benefits of our temporary storage tents?

The advantages speak for themselves: with a temporary storage tent you are always in control. These tents work well for all projects, no matter how large or small. Would you like to have a look at what your options are? Don’t delay, contact us today!

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