Industrial halls

To meet the increasing demand for long-term, permanent and semi-permanent solutions, Veldeman developed the SOLID. The SOLID is available with widths ranging from 10m to 50m and with two side-height options, 4m and 6m.

When it comes to the finish, we can offer different configuration options, with PVC tent fabric, vertical single-wall cladding plates and horizontal insulated sandwich panels. The roof consists of a single piece of roof fabric or an inflatable version, with an optional inner fabric for additional insulation and condensation protection. Accessories such as gates, doors and gutters are all available. The fabric roof’s standard 20 kg/m snow load can be increased to 80 kg/m². Thanks to its extensive capabilities, the SOLID is perfectly suited for long-term projects such as spaces for storage, working, housing, shopping, recreation, etc. Discover our range of industrial halls. We are happy to help you to put together the ideal fully-functional solution for you.

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Whether it concerns event space, commercial space, logistics space, tent structures for tent rental companies, military shelters or sports halls, we always offer a (total) tailor-made solution.

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