We go the extra mile for you. How do we do that exactly? With our professional tents of course, but also with our keen focus on service. As a professional tent manufacturer, these 7 factors make all the difference for you.

  1. Manufacturing, retailing and renting in one.

Here at Veldeman we are all-in-one. We manufacture, sell and rent professional tents. As such we have a large rental stock to hand, which you can fully benefit from. Just suppose you are caught short for a large upcoming event. Thanks to our premium service, you needn’t rush out and buy a new tent, or even refuse the event, but instead you can simply hire the professional tents you require from us.

  1. Far and beyond mere professional tent retailers

Our team doesn’t just provide you with a standard quote, not having got to the bottom of your requirements first. That’s not how we operate. Indeed, when you come to us we are keen to ascertain your exact requirements before we proceed. As that’s the only way we can jointly determine which tent will best match your brief.  We sooner regard ourselves as mentors than retailers.

  1. Advice, advice and more advice.

Our service goes much further than finding the right tent for you. Our after-care provides answers to any questions you might have.  Will I require safety certificates? How do I best store my fabrics? What kind of transportation will I need? You ask, we help!

  1. Assembly assistance

Over and above premium service provision, we provide assembly assistance too. Have you bought or hired a professional tent from us, but are you in the dark as to how to correctly and safely assemble it?  Besides a comprehensive instruction manual, we dispatch our highly-experienced workers on site to help you with your first assembly of the tent. Providing you with theoretical, practical and expert advice.

  1. Damage/Troubleshooting helpline

We deem safety to be paramount, and accordingly are immensely proud of our VCA** accreditation. Our structures or also designed to withstand any conceivable weather element . At Veldeman we share our own experiences and tips with you, also in the unlikely event problems arise or a structure incurs damage during stormy weather.

  1. Veldeman = spick and span

A neat tent is vital of course. Both in terms of durability and appearance.  At Veldeman we’re one step ahead of the game, with our on-site cleaning facility that is equipped with professional cleaning equipment.  We are on hand to help with tips and tricks of the trade and are delighted to advise you on optimum fabric structure maintenance.  Do you need help? You can also ask us to clean your materials.

  1. In-house R&D

As a professional tent manufacturer we do not limit ourselves to standard product ranges of tents and constructions. One fitting example of this is this stage roofing. Our in-house R&D department designs on a fully bespoke basis, and constantly strives for product improvement.  Would you like to go the extra mile for your customers at your next event or festival? We are only too happy to present you with a customised solution.

Ready to go the extra mile? We’re all set to embrace your challenge!

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