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Engineered to meet the needs for a high-quality, rapidly deployable and relocatable shelter system, the MSS90 Series 20 can be erected in less than 24-hours during difficult field conditions without the need for additional special equipment.

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Transports easily

The MSS90 Series 20 is constructed of lightweight structural aluminum. Its design minimizes the use of standard bolts and nuts in favor of field-friendly pins with tethered cotters. A shelter with all of its components, in a typical configuration, fits into one – two 20-foot ISO container.


The MSS90 Series 20 is built to configure to your project specifications. The modular design supports variable lengths. Flat gable and “Big Mouth Door” end options allow appropriate entry access. Insulation or solar panel options are available, as well as an NEC Class 1, Division 2-compliant electrical system for aircraft hangar applications.


Since their introduction, MSS shelters have been successfully deployed in missions all over the world, satisfying the needs for aircraft hangars, vehicular maintenance services, warehouses, housing, and recreational facilities. Because of its versatility, the MSS is uniquely qualified to fit the needs of first-response missions on a myriad of levels.

Deploys Rapidly

The MSS90 Series 20 is both rapidly deployable and relocatable. The shelter is designed so six untrained workers can install the shelter in less than 24 hours with standard tools and no additional special equipment. This ease of construction means the structure can be relocated quickly as necessary.


To endure extreme climate conditions, the MSS90 Series 20 is rated for 100 mph (161 km/h) Basic Wind Speed, Exposure Class C and 15 psf (+/- 75 kg/m²) Ground Snow Load, both per IBC 2006 (ASCE 7-05).


A typical shelter, with all its components – two personnel doors, all tools needed for installation, a ventilation package, a lighting package, and a complete electrical system ready for connection to your power supply – ships complete in one – two 20-foot ISO container.


  • 830 g/mÇ PVC-coated polyester scrim (Precontraint® Ferrari)
  • Available in either blackout or translucent
  • Available in a wide array of colors
  • Standard width of 90’ (27,5 m)
  • Standard peak height of 32’ (9,8 m)
  • Standard eave height of 16’ (4,9 m)
  • Available in any length by adding 14.5’ (4,4 m) modules


  • Standard with two personnel doors (3’W x 7’H) (0,91m x 2,05 m)
  • Standard cargo door in gable end (15’W x 12’H) (4,6 m x 3,7 m)
  • “Big Mouth Doors” (Full-Width Aircraft Door) are available on all MSS90 configurations
  • Other types of personnel and cargo doors available upon request
  • Supplied with concrete anchors and anchor pins
  • Screw anchors available as an option
  • Integrated, reflective foil insulation packages available
  • Standard with light banks and power panel(s)
  • Winch and power panel provided with big mouth ends
  • Ventilator fans provided with all configurations


  • Includes complete instruction and information manual

  • Can be installed by 6 untrained workers in less than 24 hours

  • No additional special equipment required

  • Installs in considerably less time when light equipment is available

  • Minimum amount of bolts and nuts


Cross section drawing

Doorsnedetekening Veldeman

Ground plan

Grondplan Veldeman
Standard width 21,3 m
Standard length 36,9 m
Side height 3 m
Ridge height 7,3 m

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