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Thanks to the optimisation of its components (profiles, base plates, simplified ringbeams, etc.) the weight of the structure has been reduced. It has a high-quality finishing: the closure of solid walls or glass windows to eave purlins is perfect. The optimisation of the floor system makes infill boards no longer necessary. Thanks to the weight reduction and the attachment of wind bracing to the base plate, the assembly of this SMART structure is very user-friendly. All of these features lead to savings on assembly, disassembly and transportation. Existing accessories such as cassette flooring, doors, windows and panels can be used.

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It is a self-supporting anodised aluminium construction that rests on galvanised steel base-plates with ground beams. The standard anchoring is realised with stakes. All parts are connected with pins for quick and easy installation. The stability is ensured using wind bracing. The structure complies with the EN13782 standard.


Roof and gable fabrics are made of high-quality, PVC coated polyester fabric, available in translucent and blackout in different colours. The fabric is flameretardant, UV-stabilised and has been treated to make it weather-resistant. It also complies with the strictest European and international standards on fire safety and wind loads.


The Alu SMART can be equipped with soft side walls, solid panels, glass windows and doors.


Cross section drawing

Doorsnedetekening Veldeman

Ground plan

Grondplan Veldeman
Standard width 5 m - 10 m - 15 m - 20 m
Standard length modular per 5 m
Side height 2,8 m
Bay distance 5 m

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