Have you seen our SMART range? This is a range of unique temporary constructions that pay particular attention to the logistical side of things. Lighter, ergonomic, logistically easier to deal with and with an appealing price structure. SMART is the perfect party tent for events. 



The world moves on and so do we at Veldeman. By constantly updating technical production processes and testing them, we keep improving the quality of our marquees. This means we become smarter and so so do the marquees. Our SMART range is the perfect example of this.

Light and safe

One of the greatest advantages of SMART marquee construction is that the structure is lighter. But that does not mean that a SMART party tent compromises on safety. Quite the opposite in fact! All marquees in the SMART range meet the European safety standard EN13782.

Logistical appeal

SMART marquees are especially appealing for temporary events. With their light structure, they are easier to construct and transport. This is not only more appealing from a logistical perspective compared to more robust marquees. It is also better in ergonomic terms for those who have to install and dismantle them. They don’t have to do as much heavy lifting.

The range

In our SMART range you will find Arcada arched halls and aluminium halls with side wall heights of 2.8 and 3.7 metres with gabled roofs. These marquees are ideal as party tents for all sorts of events. Both the Arcada and aluminium halls are available in a range of lengths from 5-20 metres. Your party tent can be easily fitted out with a choice of our extras.

Looking for a party tent for your event?

The advantages of a SMART party tent are easy to see. One last benefit that we don’t want to leave out. These marquees are also very competitively priced. Convinced about the advantages of our SMART marquees?  Then please do get in touch with us todayand get to know more about the range.

Picture: MT Agency