After the success of our first Energy@Veldeman campaign, in October of last year we launched the new Energy@Veldeman 2.0 programme. With this we want to challenge our employees to move more and choose a healthy lifestyle.

Energy@Veldeman 2.0 was launched via a Health Scan. This approachable fitness scan not only gave employees insight into their own physical and mental health, but also a picture of global fitness and health levels within Veldeman. And a collective challenge was immediately combined with this: for the Health Scan at the end of the journey, the average biological age had to be reduced by 2 years. Now that’s a challenge!

In the new journey, work took place around 4 communities, each with their own initiatives. For those who love a walk there is the walking community, cyclists were able to join the cycling community and hikers the hiking community. Lastly, within the health & social community social activities and health-based initiatives play a central role. The programme has taken shape thanks to a number of employees who together form the crew.


Since the launch, a whole lot of initiatives have been introduced: from soup and fruit at work, group “spinning”, boot camp, walking sessions and hikes to an information session on healthy eating.

In February, the Veldeman staff took on the Sugar Detox challenge: for an entire month they challenged and motivated one another to consume less sugar. In this they focused on healthy snacks, fewer soft drinks and fewer “light” products.

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