Every year in early August there is a fabulous festival in Lokeren. Around that time, marquees accommodating the “Lokerse Feesten” arise along the Grote Kaai. To be more precise, our marquees, as we have been supplying the tents for the festival for many years now. To do this we never shy away from any challenges.

Our customer

Every year the organizers of the “Lokerse Feesten” hire numerous temporary constructions to provide visitors to the festival with shelter. With almost 15,000 visitors a day, the “Lokerse Feesten” have rapidly become a popular event in Lokeren and the rest of Flanders. Quite an achievement taking into account that the festival is exclusively supported by a group of dedicated volunteers.

The challenges

The “Lokerse Feesten” take place at the same location every year at the Grote Kaai. This location, however, has gradually changed over the years, with apartments, offices and car parks springing up around the open square. As a result, the festival area was being encroached on and was becoming more hemmed in.

In addition, the “Lokerse Feesten” festival team has always been keen on creativity and providing a personal touch. They themselves take care of how the marquees are kitted out, but asked for our help with inner wall fabric of some of the marquees so they could have a digital print on them.

The solution

We took care of the meticulous construction of the VIP multi-storey marquee, the artists restaurant in an aluminium hall and food and beveragefacilities in a number of aluminium halls as well as party tents. Setting up the various tents, we made sure that there was plenty of open space left for all the festivities.


For the finishing of the soft furnishings, the festival team devised their own creative print. Over the last years, we provided unique interior furnishings with for example large cacti or tropical leaves. We also provided wooden partition panels and glass side walls to give the interiors of the marquees that finishing touch.

The crowning glory of cooperation.

The “Lokerse Feesten” festival was a really big success this year. The construction and dismantling of the marquees went smoothly and thanks to the creative interpretation of the organisation, our constructions once again had a spectacular look. This excellent cooperative way of working and ease of communication has existed for many years now and is central to success. We have got to know one another, and with just a few words we understand what our customer expects.

We rent out festival marquees.

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