Snowed under? What happens if snow springs a surprise not only on you but also on your marquee? We will outline what to do when snow accumulates, and how you keep your marquee stable and safe.

Most marquees in our product range can cope with a load of twenty kilograms per square metre of snow. That equates to a covering of about eight centimetres of snow. Would you like to know exactly how much weight of snow your tent can cope with? You can find this information on the certificate which you are given along with your marquee. What if the snow continues to fall and starts to accumulate on the marquee? Then it is best to start clearing the snow off the roof of your marquee.

Keep a cool head and keep the marquee warm.

One solution to stop snow building up on the roof of your marquee is to up the heating by a degree or so. By heating the marquee, excessive snow will melt more quickly and slide off. This way, you have a snug and snow-free marquee. Win-win!

Who you gonna call?

What to do if it is snowing heavily? We are always ready to advise and guide you. We always think along with you and, for instance, may advise on from which quantity of snow on you should call in the fire brigade. Whatever the weather, Veldeman will always be there for you.

We will not leave you out in the cold.

When you want us to come and assess the situation with you, we will be by your side. Our marquee fitters are permanently on call, even when the weather is at its worst. You can rely on our help and expertise for the entire period you rent the marquee. Because that is all a part of our service!

Looking for a top-quality marquee that can cope with snow? Then there is only one company to call.

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