Just imagine: you have found the ideal location for your next event. Unique, that’s great but also difficult. How can you build a marquee at this sort of location? No need to put your plans on hold. Because building marquees at unique locations is one of our specialities. 

Wherever you want

We are able to build marquees on practically any surface. So even the most challenging location is possible. It could be the VIP village that we built on the Oude Kwaremont for the Tour of Flanders. We built the entire construction there on steeply sloping ground, where the spectators could have a great view of the race, close to the action. How do we manage it every time? With a good mix of technical knowledge, expertise, motivation and timing!


On a football field, inner courtyard or a bridge

We have built all sorts of marquees at unique locations for events. One of these events was a corporate party at the football ground of KRC Genk where we built a large TFS marquee. And obviously we did it without causing any damage to the football pitch itself!


We have also built a construction for MAN in Munich in the inner courtyard of an old building. To make best use of the the restricted space, we raised the marquee, so that we had space under the covered area for technical equipment and logistics, floor heating, catering etc. Employees could even cycle under the construction. Just imagine that all of this was taking place under their guest’s feet!


Using the motto of “Building bridges” JCI Limburg organised a speed dating session for entrepreneurs. In order to really capture the concept of building bridges, the speed dating session actually took place on a bridge across the Albert canal in Kanne (Riemst). A transparent marquee with views over the canal was the ideal solution. An additional challenge when organizing the event was the movement of traffic across the bridge and ensuring any inconvenience was kept to a minimum. No problem, construction and dismantling were all done within 24 hours.


Timing is key

For all projects, whether it is a large sporting event or a corporate party, timing is very important. This is because we just play a part in bringing about the whole event. Once we have completed our tasks, then the next step is to furnish the marquee and the catering has to be arranged. If one aspect suffers from a delay then everything is held up. So, when it comes to a construction or a marquee at a unique location, we ensure that everything is planned with meticulous attention to detail. We are also very focused on our timing and always ensure we meet our delivery times, you can be certain of that.

Marquee at a unique location? Challenge accepted!

Do you do want a marquee at your event, but are not sure whether the location is suitable? Why not set us the challenge. We have all the knowledge and skills and will be pleased to be of assistance.