Everything has been arranged for your event: the catering, the guest list and a radiant sun. But the sun might be just a bit too radiant. You don’t want your guests getting too hot in the tent, do you? Because the weather forecast has predicted a hot day… Here are three tips to make sure everyone in your tent stays cool.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Blowers and fans move the air around in the tent and that makes the air feel cooler. The temperature won’t be that much cooler, but it will feel fresher. Air conditioning is also a good option for keeping your tent cool. Not sure which option to choose? We will make sure you have the perfect set-up in your tent.

Open the side walls

Another good way to keep your tent cool? Open the side walls of your tent. The side walls of our tents are easy to open. When things cool down in the evening, you simply shut the side walls. And what to do if it is really hot? You can simply take off the side walls of the tent and you have a really effective gazebo to shade your quests from the sun. This lets a fresh breeze flow through the whole tent.

Think about having a terrace

Why stay in the tent when it is a lovely summer day? Make the best of the great weather and use our terraces that connect seamlessly to your tent. We can also provide covered terraces. These terraces really give your event an extra dimension.  Guaranteed to create the ideal ambience.



Keeping your tent cool: we take care of everything

If your event is going to take place around July and August, we will automatically talk to you about the different ways of keeping your tent nice and cool. In this way you can be assured of receiving your guests in an environment that has a comfortable temperature, even on the hottest summer’s day. So rest assured, we will find the perfect solution for any challenge.

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