No site is perfect. But that is not problematic. We will find a solution for every problem. How do we do that? We know how to overcome the four typical challenges we face. That is how we will achieve a perfect result for you, even if your site is not suitable for a tent.

  • A great deal of wind

Erecting a tent in the city or by the sea in a windswept area: these are not comparable situations. In the latter case, anchoring is more important than in normal situations. Our experience allows us to estimate such conditions very well. And we take that into account when proposing the type of structure. We would only use sturdier structures in those areas, no lighter party tents!

  • Great height differences

Height differences represent a typical problem for tent erection on sites that are not ideal! Does your site have a pretty steep incline? It does not have to be a problem. We will discuss the options for overcoming the height difference in a safe and efficient way. What was one of our most difficult situations? That was a mega tent for the Tour of Flanders on the Oude Kwaremont. The height difference was four meters! We built various levels with scaffolding and then after each level let our structure settle a little. That was quite a feat!

  • Difficult access

Is your site remote? Is it difficult to access for heavy traffic? Don’t panic! That’s why we have ‘pilots’ working for us, not drivers. We had a great challenge at the Parc Du Botanique. Working in the heart of Brussels is in itself not entirely simple, but we had the extra problem that we could not touch any of the plants. Is your site really inaccessible? Then we can use telescopic cranes.

  • Marshy ground

Is your site on marshy ground? Is it sometimes flooded? Sometimes an alternative is not an option. We simply could not move the Barn at Rock Werchter fifty meters! But there is a solution for every problem. Especially when you have our years of experience. What solution did we manage to work out? Contact us and we will be happy to share our expertise!

What is the conclusion here?

If your site is not suitable for a tent or marquee, just relax! We will make sure that your event doesn’t sink underwater. There is a solution for every problem. We will cooperate with you to work out a suitable approach to achieve your challenge. It all starts with your first phone call…