You can find (temporary) mines in the most inhospitable places. What is the best logistical approach to tackle such situations? The Veldeman Group can provide solutions for all your needs. From accommodation for mine workers to storage. Our offer in industrial mining solutions:

First requirement: storage and maintenance

A mine site requires a great deal of logistical organisation. Machinery, equipment, lorries, mining trucks; they all need to be stored and in the proper way. You also need covered areas to carry out maintenance. We have provided these sort of facilities for the truck shops we helped kit out for Mantos Blancos. Our temporary tents and fabric structures are, thanks to the wide choice of sizes and heights, an ideal solution for this. Such features as large access doors make maintenance and storage areas easily accessible.


Second requirement: stockpile

To reduce waste and pollution being caused during extraction of the ore, it is best to cover stockpiles. Small particles will not blow away and the ore will not change its composition due to external conditions, such as rain. Our covers are prefect for this type of application.

Third requirement: accommodation and facilities

Good accommodation, all the necessary facilities and a well equipped restaurant are all vital parts of your mine site. With experience in all these areas, we can provide a total solution tailored to your needs.

Fourth requirement: sports facilities

Sports facilities can provide the ideal setting for recreation after your employees have finished work. Would you like to have an indoor football pitch, tennis court or a multi-sports arena in the middle of the Andes? We have the perfect in-house solutions for covered areas to facilitate this.


Connoisseurs in our field

Looking for the right sail structures, facilities and canopies for your mine site? We have extensive experience in everything you need. Codelco, the largest copper mine in the world, can vouch for this.

Would you like to receive more information about how we can be of service? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us  for further information. Our team would be pleased to help you with any challenge.

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