Bleak rain and snow storms can really spoil your football fun. Unless … you opt for a fabric structure indoor football pitch. Not only does it provide protection against the vilest weather winter can throw at you, but it’s also hugely versatile and multifunctional when deployed for other (recreational) clubs. A cinch.

Why choose a fabric structure?

When we cover a football pitch we build an aluminium or steel structure that is finished off with roof, side and gable fabrics. This type of (semi) permanent, modular structure can be built quickly, and is flexible in both dimension and design. Such a structure can be equipped with high side walls and a high roof.  One huge benefit of this is the guaranteed possibility of practising corner kicks on the indoor football pitch, which isn’t always necessarily possible at many other indoor venues. Moreover, the side walls of our indoor structures can be opened; guaranteeing football fun whatever the weather.

Multifunctional masterpiece

An indoor football pitch is an investment for the club.  To enjoy the return on your indoor football pitch investment, deploy the structure multi-functionally. Permit other (recreational) clubs or schools to utilise it, ensuring the structure pays for itself when your club has no need for it. Our references only serve to endorse this.


First-class indoor football pitches

A number of large clubs have already opted for Veldeman’s indoor football pitches. One great example is the Belgian football club KRC Genk, for whom we have constructed a 40 m x 70 m football sports hall, with a side height measuring 8.40 m. By using light-permeable fabrics natural daylight is guaranteed. We personalised the side and gable fabrics in the club’s blue colour.

So too, Lokomotiv Moscow, a Russian first-division club that asked us to construct an indoor football pitchwith a steel fabric structure measuring 60 m x 100 m. In Russia we have been able to prove our structures can cope with snow, where one such structure can bear the weight of centimetres of snow, without any problems!

Veldeman for your total concept

Upon your request we can handle everything for you in the realisation of an indoor football pitch. We offer a total concept in which we genuinely handle everything, from the roofing right down to specific details such as the correct lighting.  Naturally, personalising your sports hall is also possible.

Are you interested in an indoor football pitch? Are you particularly keen on attaining problem-free football throughout the year? If so, please contact us without delay  to discuss the many options available to you.