Any decent-sized winter event these days is no longer complete without an ice rink. Accompanying this tendency, there is an increasing demand for roofs for skating rinks. With 22 covered ice rinks, 2017 was a record year for Veldeman. We have also noticed another clear trend: merely providing a roof for an ice rink is no longer enough. Customers are increasingly interested in the overall experience. 

Our 22 covered ice rinks in Belgium, the Netherlands and France involve about 15,000 m2 of tent structures. A roof is increasingly preferred because of the protection it offers against the weather. Whether it snows or rains, a roof allows visitors to enjoy a certain comfort, and completely excludes the whims of the Belgian winters.

Total experience: create the right atmosphere

When we mention the word comfort, it’s always closely followed by the word experience. For many events organisers, a roof has to offer much more than just a simple protecting barrier. It has to contribute to the overall experience of visiting an ice rink. The best proof of this is that of the 15,000 m2 roofing provided by our structures, no less than 4,000 m2 is used for cafe terraces. The atmosphere around the ice rink has therefore become just as important as the ice skating itself.

A bigger role for interior design

This trend can also be seen in the choice of materials and interior design. Side walls used to be the exception rather than the rule, but these days they are part of the standard package of an ice rink roof. We are also increasingly asked to decorate our tents, with wooden accents for example, or cosy Christmas lighting. As you can read in our design blog, there is an extensive range of options. Did you know, by the way, that we also provide spaces for catering, skate rental, reception, changing rooms, and more?

Need some ideas for your ice rink?

Whether you represent a professional ice rink builder or a municipality which is organising things itself: come along and have a chat about your plans. We will make sure that your ice rink becomes a reality.